Geared and Belt Heads – Part 1

Professional Motion Picture Camera Support Written by Ryan Patrick O’Hara At the dawn of cinema, (roughly 1895), the motion picture camera found itself appropriately established upon the still photographer’s tripod system. It would not be long until motion picture cameramen …

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To Learn Operate The Head

Geared heads are used rarely on the European continent. Thus we find even just a few cameramen who are able to operate the geared head in Germany. The Filmakademy Kelle is the first filmschool in Europe, in which students can …

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The Worrall Head is Alive, but Tiny

An engineering company the Space Instruments in Berlin built the smallest geared head ever made for cine use. The design reminds of the original Worrall, it weighs only a fifth of them. These, in their class unique Geared Head allows …

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Stereo Rig on the Regular Worrall Head

Paul Stutenbaeumer Cinematographer and geared head operator runs numerous motion picture-related services enterprises in Berlin.             He is particularly involved with stereoscopic cinematographie with his rental house and production facilities.           …

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Buy and Sell Camera Support

You can buy and sell geared camera heads, tripods and any kind of camera support based on geared head. Post your own items to sell or call attention to unique eBay offers.

History of the Geared Head Development

In the 1940s, the heavy and bulky production cameras in the U.S. had become almost too hard to operate with the standard tripod head. The solution was to be invented by George Worrall, who was the former chief engineer of …

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General About Geared Heads for Cine Use

The Wheels, Mini-Worrall Geared Head made by the Cinema Products Corporation Geared Heads have mechanical moving parts and are located at the top of the Tripod with the camera being mounted on top. Because these types of heads are operated …

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