General About Geared Heads for Cine Use

The Wheels, Mini-Worrall Geared Head made by the Cinema Products Corporation

Geared Heads have mechanical moving parts and are located at the top of the Tripod with the camera being mounted on top. Because these types of heads are operated with wheel handles that use various cranks and gears for the pan and tilt motion, it allows precision control along each axis.
There are two kinds of geared heads, the difference being in the transmission. The first uses a belt drive, some older models used wire, and the second uses a worm drive (worm gear).
Although geared heads are quite popular in the english speaking world, they are however not very common in Europe. Nevertheless you can find two of the four worldwide geared head manufactures in Germany. Arnold & Richter Cine Technik in Munich, and Space Instruments in Berlin.

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