History of the Geared Head Development

In the 1940s, the heavy and bulky production cameras in the U.S. had become almost too hard to operate with the standard tripod head. The solution was to be invented by George Worrall, who was the former chief engineer of the Mitchell Camera Corp. He later founded his own company in California and built the first geared head in 1952. The regular Worrall Geared Head is which brought him his fame and the Technical Achievement Award from the Society of Operating Cameramen SOC. The Worrall Geared Head was built 600 times and some are still used by independent filmmakers.
In the last sixty years or so, a profession has formed over the generations to be known as the Geared Hear Operator. Cinematographers and directors appreciate the benefits of it’s intelligent design and the gentle approach the wheel handles offer for operating the camera.


Technicolor 3-strip camera on a 22” Moy geared head

  1. Very nice about the Worrall Gear Head

  2. George Worral is alway credited for creating the first geared head in 1952, we had a 1930s geared head dated 1937 ive found a picture of one here the picture was taken by Getty images and is clearly dated jan 1941, ive also seen another picture of a 1948 production at Pinewood studios which also shows a MOY geared head.



    I think you will find that good old Mr Worral may have stole the limelight a bit.

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