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You can buy and sell geared camera heads, tripods and any kind of camera support based on geared head. Post your own items to sell or call attention to unique eBay offers.

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  1. Regular Worrall Geared Head – GBP 1,499.00

    Item number:280650061899

    eBay Item

  2. Screw Driven Wedge Plate – US $450.00

    Item number:130329874493

    eBay Item

  3. Arrihead 1 Geared Head – $15,000.00

    Item number: 220763851613

    eBay Item

  4. Vistavision Power Head – US $1,999.00
    Item number: 220759452816

    eBay Item

  5. Vintage Raby 1930’s Dolly + Geared Head + Blimp – US $3,495.00
    Item number: 350246872584

    eBay Item

  6. Cary Krogstad

    this post is very usefull thx!

  7. Rachal Klatte

    Useful blog website, keep me personally through searching it, I am seriously interested to find out another recommendation of it.

  8. Very unique prototype of the Arrihead on a 150mm Bowl.
    Item number: 220841405260
    End 06. Sep. 2011 16:23 MESZ

  9. any word from Space Instruments?

    Their geared head looks interesting for those on a budget.

    And I wonder how it compares to this:

    any success stories.. or is it vapourware?


  10. Hi sir,

    We would like to purchase Mini Worrall 116 Geared Head 1pcs, please let me know your best price and availability.


  11. I have a Mini Worrall geared head in great condition that I would like to sell. Interested parties please contact me for pictures.

  12. I am looking to purchase a vintage Worall mini geared head with tripod.
    If anyone can help or recommend, it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks and kind regards

  13. Hi all,

    I’m interested in a Gear Head. During my investigations I wondered, that the fewest companies sell their Gear Head in original state. Can anyone say me if any company produce a Gear Head currently? Or exists only Gear Heads of second hand?


  14. We are active buyers for any older [non plastic] geared head and legs. Working or not working OK. We buy and trade for these old heads.
    We also sell modern production equipment.
    Trade your old head for a modern piece of gear you can use. Over 16,000 items in stock.

  15. I am trying to identify a geared head would appreciate any help
    please email for pictures

  16. I am looking for the hand wheels for an original Worrall geared head.

    Rick Spalla

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