Stereo Rig on the Regular Worrall Head

Paul Stutenbaeumer Cinematographer and geared head operator runs numerous motion picture-related services enterprises in Berlin.

Paul and his regular worrall geared head







He is particularly involved with stereoscopic cinematographie with his rental house and production facilities.






Paul developes stereoscopic rigs and improves optical tools for three dimensional filming. The high-definition stereoscopic camera with beam splitter are bulky again, just as in the fifties of the last century the blimped studio camera. Than it was then the geared head can help again. Paul has mounted his rig on a regular Worrall head, and it looks great.

Another picture from the other side to show the optical elemnts. All just by the finest.

All images courtesy of Paul Stutenbaeumer.

  1. I made 3d movie last summer using some small 3d rig english made. using sachtler head.
    and, I also have original worrall geared head.
    I have a another 3d movie plan. and i want to make 3d movie using worrall head!
    So, please send me some pics and data about paul’s rig systems.

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